QotD – Is There Creativity Without Curiosity?

Leo Burnett“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”

– Leo Burnett

Quote of the Day (QotD).

If you spend time searching the internet for quotes about creativity, you will inevitably come across quotes, comments – even entire books – discussing how we were all artistic & creative as children.  Think back to yourself as a child, or consider your own children for a moment, and this makes perfect sense – who has an imagination more wild and creative than a child?

Likewise, these same sources will note that 99% of us loose this creativity by the time we are adults.  We no longer draw pictures, make up our own music, or come up with wild stories (excluding fish stories and bar tales).  What gives?  How did we all become so boring?

Today’s quote by Leo Burnett may capture one reason why we adults have lost our creativity:  we have lost our curiosity!  As a child, life is a series of constantly unfolding mysteries.  In fact, we spend entire days just learning about the world around us.  This constant newness inspires a curiosity to uncover more newness.  It is a continuous, exciting cycle that spurs learning – causing our conscious and unconscious minds to spin all day long.

By the time we are adults, however, we trudge through entire days, weeks or months without needing to uncover anything more about life around us.  Our minds stop spinning, our curiosity dwindles, and our creative unconscious shuts down.

How do we regain our curiosity?  What can we do if we truly want to regain our childlike curiosity (and jumpstart our creativity)?  I think the answer is that curiosity breeds curiosity.  If we find one thing that makes us marvel “how did they do that?” or “how does that work?”, it will inspire curiosity in other areas of our lives.  Thankfully we live in a marvelous age – and the internet supplies everything we need to get started.

Two quick suggestions to jumpstart your creativity:

  1. Learn something random.  Check out Wikipedia’s main page to see their daily “Featured Article” or “Did you know” section.
  2. View spectacular imagery.  Try TwistedSifter.com for their daily updates that give fantastic images of all sorts.

Or just stop back here and check out our daily Quote of the Day series!  The point is to expose yourself to some newness daily.  You will need to find the thing (or things) that best inspire curiosity in yourself. If things go well, this curiosity will cascade into other parts of your life – and build your creativity!

What are your suggestions?  Have you found any tricks to spur curiosity in your own life?


About Leo Burnett:  Leo Burnett (1891 – 1971) was an advertising executive known for his creative simplicity in a world previously dominated by long and detailed sales pitches.  His legacy can be found today in the ad agency that bears his name, the Leo Burnett Company.

Image Credit:  Leo Burnett via Wikipedia.org

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