Better Now Than a Moment Ago

Better Than a Moment Ago

Ask yourself “Is what I’m doing right now making me better than I was yesterday? Better than this morning? Better than a moment ago?” Tip of the Day! If you want to develop a true habit for self-improvement, get in the habit of asking yourself if you are improving. Many people tout the adage “Better [...]

Self-Motivation Tip – The Lists!

Motivational List

J.D. Meier at recently put up a post describing one method of simple self-motivation gleaned from the book Vision: Your Pathway to Victory by Gordon D’Angelo. The suggestion in D’Angelo’s book is to use motivational people, books and quotes to motivate yourself.  How?  By making a list of each. Ready to get started?  J.D. [...]

Music for Productivity

Music for Productivity

With the rise in digital music, we increasingly wrap ourselves in music through the course of each day.  First with MP3′s and iPods, now with smartphones and streaming music services – we put our headphones on and use the music to block out the world around us… whether at home, at the gym, or at [...]

Better Questions Create Better Conversations

FastCompany - Conversational Tool

Fast Company magazine recently posted an article on their website entitled “The One Conversational Tool That Will Make You Better At Absolutely Everything”.  The point of this article-with-the-horribly-long-headline is that asking better questions is often the difference between a lackluster conversation and a fantastic one. A quick glance of the content might make you think [...]

The Science of Productivity

Science of Productivity

Productivity is a huge topic in today’s business world – our personal productivity is one of the keys to career advancement during our lifetime, while increased productivity in the workplace can produce millions of dollars in additional revenue at large corporations. The key to understanding the secrets of productivity is to understand the secrets of [...]

Audiobooks During Exercise

Audiobooks during exercise

As a follow-up to our previous post about the benefits of Multiple Positives, here we will explore one specific combination: audio-learning during exercise. Opportunities for Multiple Positives I previously described how certain physical activities, such as household chores, provide a perfect opportunity for using audio-learning as a multiple positive – increasing the productivity of our [...]

Do More – The Case for Multiple Positives

Multiple Positives - Commuting by Bike

I am a firm believer that there are certain situations in life where multi-tasking can be beneficial, and other situations where it undoubtedly kills productivity (or at least requires more time than a strategy of doing just “one thing at a time”). One set of scenarios where multi-tasking succeeds is that which results in Multiple [...]