Diet Smarter in 2013 – By Consensus

Diet by Consensus

If you are like one of nearly 45 million other Americans, you plan to go on a diet sometime this year.  Some statistics show that up to 50% of American women and 25% of American men consider themselves to be “on a diet” at any given time.  The struggle to loose weight is continual for [...]

Green Smoothie Recipes – Directory

Lettuce for Green Smoothies

What you will find on this page is a directory of sites that contain green smoothie recipes and information.  The reason that I am primarily giving you a directory instead of giving you a long list of recipes is time – for those of you that have followed my previous posts about green smoothies, you [...]

Green Smoothies are Bad for You!


Well, that’s the rumor anyways.  In truth, I’m not at all convinced that green smoothies are bad for you. While researching the “cons” – the downside – of green smoothies, I came across several objections ranging from minor to alarmist.  Are green smoothies really bad for you?  My conclusion is no, but read on for [...]

What is a Green Smoothie?

Green Smoothie Ingredients

One of our culture’s current diet trends is the smoothie – seen primarily in the proliferation of fruit smoothie desserts.  Almost every fast food restaurant, diet plan and recipe website has options for fruit-filled wonders that come out of a blender.  Smoothie restaurants, smoothie recipes, pre-packaged frozen smoothies, smoothie websites – fruit smoothies are everywhere. [...]

Primal Pre-Workout Protein Pudding


For anyone working to either maintain or build muscle mass, it is advisable to eat something before an early morning exercise routine to fuel your body during the workout.  This helps prevent the cannibalizing of muscle tissue for energy during that time.  Toward this end, many sources will advise some protein (protein powders, greek yogurt, [...]

Recipe – Grilled Stuffed Tenderloin Filet

In honor of Labor Day, the last big grilling day of the summer, I wanted to find a recipe   suited for the occasion, while doubling as a fine example of the “Primal” diet.  I’ll post some burger ideas for another day – today I found an idea for Grilled Stuffed Tenderloin that looks to be [...]