Better Now Than a Moment Ago

Better Than a Moment AgoAsk yourself “Is what I’m doing right now making me better than I was yesterday?
Better than this morning?
Better than a moment ago?”

Tip of the Day!

If you want to develop a true habit for self-improvement, get in the habit of asking yourself if you are improving.

Many people tout the adage “Better today than yesterday!”, but very few people break that down into the smaller blocks of time that truly make a difference.  The real question is not “Am I better than I was yesterday?”

The real question is “Is what I am doing right now making me better than I was a moment ago?”  If you ask yourself that question multiple times a day, answer honestly, and adjust accordingly – the other questions become unnecessary.  The answer to those other questions will always be “Yes!”

Give it a shot – haul our your phone and set an hourly alarm.  Give it a week and see how you do!

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