Audiobooks and More – Best Audiobook Sources

Audiobooks for DownloadI recently posted my thoughts on the use of audiobooks during exercise, and other forms of Multiple Positives.  For anybody wanting to get into audiobooks, this post lists a number of sources where you can find audiobooks (and other materials) to try out.

There are other audiobook sources, but the links here are the ones I deem to be the best – giving you options without the mess.

Here are my suggestions by category.

Audiobooks for Download:  Some of these are free sources, some offer books for purchase and others offer books for online (library) checkout.

  • Librivox:  A collection of volunteer-recorded books from the public domain
  •  Wide array of audiobooks for sale, from professional publishing houses.  Free trial membership available!.
  • Project Gutenberg:  Volunteer-read audiobooks in the public domain.
  • ChristianAudio:  A site offering Christian Audiobooks for sale as well as one free download per month.
  • OverDrive:  OverDrive partners with libraries to offer books that you can “check out” and listen to for a limited time – just like library books.

University Lectures for Download:  Many universities now provide lectures available for download (audio, video, or both).  Some of these can be found on the webpage of the university, others can be found collected together with other schools.  In addition. some even provide structured courses that you can complete (including assignments and tests), achieving college credit.

  • iTunes U:  Search iTunesU in the iTunes app.  Available courses include many of those given below.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare:  MIT’s free online courses.  One of the first major universities to provide them online.
  • Stanford Online:  Stanford’s online lecture source.
  • Open Yale Courses (OYC):  Yale has an excellent selection of courses available.
  • Coursera:  A site partnering with 32+ universities to provide a selection of online courses.
  • EdX:  Started as a partnership between MIT and Harvard, EdX offers a number of online courses.

Speeches / Seminars for Download:  

  • TED:  ”Ideas Worth Spreading”.  TED offers short talks, with audio available for download.  Wide-variety of topics.

I will update this post as more options come along – but in the meantime, let me know what I’m missing!  What are your favorite sources for audiobooks and other listening material?  Leave a comment below!


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