Save Time With These Fall Cleanup Tips!

a fall road

Yard work is drudgery for many of us – but after the long, hot summer we had in the upper midwest, getting outside to enjoy the fall weather doesn’t seem so bad!

Truthfully, fall is my favorite season so I need no excuse to spend time outdoors.  But if you need a reason inspring you to spend time outside over the next few weeks, here is a list of fall yard work and home improvement tasks that will save you time during the winter and spring.  Look forward a few months, consider the troubles you can avert, and let that be your inspiration!

List of Fall Cleanup Tasks:

  1. Clean your gutters and downspouts – Prevent ice dams this winter and water problems next spring.
  2. Seal up any drafty doors or windows – easier to do this now than during the freezing cold.
  3. Find and repair any driveway or sidewalk cracks that will inhibit snow removal during the winter.
  4. Trim back tree growth that will cause low-hanging problems when weighted with snow.
  5. Trim back shrubs and flower beds that will catch unnecessary snow on your driveway/sidewalk this winter.
  6. Keep up with branch clean-up from fall storms – Decrease your spring yard cleaning time.
  7. Rake leaves – Prevent them from becoming a matted mess that will delay your lawn next spring.
  8. “Winterize” your garden – remove dead growth, mulch it with leaves as fertilizer for spring.
  9. Plant bulbs and other plants for spring growth (tulips, anyone?)
  10. Mow your lawn, but not too short!  It will need all of the photosynthesis it can get during fall.
  11. Fertilize your lawn with a seasonal fertilizer.
  12. Drain and store your garden hose(s).
  13. Winterize your lawnmower and other motorized yard equipment.
  14. Organize your garage so your snow-removal equipment is easily accessible.
  15. Cover your outdoor AC unit to prevent ice buildup from distorting the fan blades.

This is admittedly a pretty quick list.  What other fall cleanup suggestions do you have for fall?  Let me know what I missed in the comments below!

Bonus thought question – You can save a trip up to the roof if you combine your final gutter-cleaning with the stringing of Christmas lights.  How early is too early to hang lights?

Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons via the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

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