List of Things to do With Your Kids

Girls on the SwingsSpending time with your kids is one of the best time investments that you can make during your life.  All too often we loose sight of this and fill our days with work, projects, committees and friends.  It is never too late (or too early!) to start spending quality time with your kids.  Build your relationship with them, build their character – and it will change you as much as it changes them.

Invest time in your kids – it will pay the best returns of your life!

Where to start?  Here is a a quick list of things to do with your kids (in no particular order and intended for no particular age group):

  1. Play Tag
  2. Play Hide-and-Seek
  3. Read books to them
  4. Have them read books to you
  5. Read books with them
  6. Play cards
  7. Play a board game
  8. Color / Draw a picture
  9. Make sidewalk-chalk art
  10. Go for a drive
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Go for a bike ride
  13. Take them fishing
  14. Teach them one of your hobbies
  15. Teach them how to play an instrument
  16. Have them teach YOU how to play an instrument
  17. Have a “What do you want to be when you grow up?” talk
  18. Talk about colleges / majors
  19. Ask them about their friends (and listen to their reply!)
  20. Visit a relative
  21. Cook together
  22. Bake together
  23. Go to an (outdoor) concert
  24. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  25. Go on a shopping trip
  26. Help them with their homework
  27. Go to a sporting event
  28. Do some outdoor photography
  29. Start a scrapbook
  30. Record some video clips, head to the computer and edit them into a movie
  31. Go for a picnic
  32. Go to a city park
  33. Take them to the playground
  34. Go on a nature hike (go to a state park)
  35. Help them call their grandparents
  36. Exercise together
  37. Go to the gym together
  38. Help them with their athletic training routine
  39. Make a home craft
  40. Build a birdhouse (or any other sort of woodworking project)
  41. Go for ice cream
  42. Go out for dinner
  43. Start a lemonade stand
  44. Have a home movie night
  45. Fly a kite
  46. Go to the zoo
  47. Play frisbee
  48. Have a tea party
  49. Play dress up
  50. Go bowling
  51. Go Geocaching (
  52. Build a model
  53. Build a model rocket
  54. Write a story
  55. Make a picture book
  56. Do volunteer work
  57. Make some seasonal decorations
  58. Learn some magic tricks
  59. Start a bug collection
  60. Build something with LEGOs
  61. Pick / Arrange some flowers
  62. Pick fruit at a fruit farm
  63. Make fresh jam or salsa
  64. Go to a pumpkin patch
  65. Start a neighborhood game of football
  66. Play some 1-on-1 basketball

This is just a quick list – What are your favorite things to do with your kids?  Share your ideas or stories in the comments below!



  1. have them individually overnight, or for a day. spend one on one time by going to a movie with Grandparents.


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