Better Now Than a Moment Ago

Better Than a Moment Ago

Ask yourself “Is what I’m doing right now making me better than I was yesterday? Better than this morning? Better than a moment ago?” Tip of the Day! If you want to develop a true habit for self-improvement, get in the habit of asking yourself if you are improving. Many people tout the adage “Better [...]

Cultivating Inner Beauty

Cultivating Inner Beauty

The theme for this week’s Quote of the Day series is “Inner Beauty” (Disclaimer:  This topic applies equally to women AND men.  If you guys are skeptical, skip toward the end!). Inner beauty is different from external beauty, and certainly different than what popular culture passes off as “beauty” in this day and age (or [...]

10 Tips to Develop Persistence

10 Tips to Develop Persistence

Persist (intransitive verb,  \pər-ˈsist, -ˈzist\ ): to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning. (via Merriam-Webster) Persistence is attributed by many as a crucial key to success.  The ability to keep pushing ahead despite resistance, to get back up when we fall, and to detour when we find out path [...]

Bridge of Discipline

Discipline is the Bridge

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” – Jim Rohn Setting specific goals, writing them down, and re-reading them on a regular basis are all important steps toward accomplishment.  But between goal-setting and accomplishment is a massive chasm of the unknown which we need to cross.  One tip for getting past the unknown, as [...]

Audiobooks and More – Best Audiobook Sources

Audiobooks for Download

I recently posted my thoughts on the use of audiobooks during exercise, and other forms of Multiple Positives.  For anybody wanting to get into audiobooks, this post lists a number of sources where you can find audiobooks (and other materials) to try out. There are other audiobook sources, but the links here are the ones [...]

Do More – The Case for Multiple Positives

Multiple Positives - Commuting by Bike

I am a firm believer that there are certain situations in life where multi-tasking can be beneficial, and other situations where it undoubtedly kills productivity (or at least requires more time than a strategy of doing just “one thing at a time”). One set of scenarios where multi-tasking succeeds is that which results in Multiple [...]

Save Time With These Fall Cleanup Tips!

a fall road

Yard work is drudgery for many of us – but after the long, hot summer we had in the upper midwest, getting outside to enjoy the fall weather doesn’t seem so bad! Truthfully, fall is my favorite season so I need no excuse to spend time outdoors.  But if you need a reason inspring you [...]

List of Things to do With Your Kids

The Girls

Spending time with your kids is one of the best time investments that you can make during your life.  All too often we loose sight of this and fill our days with work, projects, committees and friends.  It is never too late (or too early!) to start spending quality time with your kids.  Build your [...]