What is Procrastination?

Planner“Procrastination is about how you think, how you speak, and how you act.  All 3 work together to block you from having more success in your life.”

- Jennifer White

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We all experience moments of procrastination – times when we put off high priority tasks and replace them with tasks of lower priority or activities that are more enjoyable.  For some of us this is a minor, occasional problem – and for others it is an ongoing challenge.

In her book Work Less, Make More, Jennifer White issues a statement about procrastination that we should see as both a relief and a challenge.  Procrastination is not a genetic trait, nor is it a permanent part of who we are.  Procrastination is a habit (albeit deeply ingrained, for some of us); procrastination is about how we think, speak and act:  3 things we can control and change!

She does not go into depth with advice for avoiding or overcoming procrastination (there are already many books and websites dedicated to that topic), and I will not cover it in depth here – but her quote serves as a starting point for you to explore those possibilities on your own.  The first step is to realize that overcoming procrastination starts with you, and that it can be overcome.

Ask yourself these questions:
How do you currently think about your to-do list?
What sort of things do you say to yourself and others about your tasks?

Give some critical thought to those two questions and you might be well on your way to changing the actions you take to get things done!

About Jennifer White:  Jennifer White was a success coach, writer and founder of JWC Group – a coaching organization that continues her legacy despite her passing in 2001.

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