The Key of Persistence

Persistence is Key“The key of persistence opens all doors closed by resistance ”

- John Di Lemme

Quote of the Day.

Why bother with persistence?  Persistence is a difficult trait to engrain within ourselves; it involves time, effort, and discomfort!  One reason to developer persistence is given by John Di Lemme in his quote above.  We all encounter doors of resistance in our lives, and persistence is the key that opens them.

The beauty of persistence is that it is a universal key – persistence developed for sports, education, personal struggles or careers will unlock resistance we encounter in any of the other realms of our lives.  THAT is why persistence matters.  Improving your persistence in one area will strengthen your entire life and contribute to success in areas you may not yet realize.

Consider your life and refer back to the 10 Tips to Develop Persistence.  What can you do today to build a “key” of persistence for unlocking your life?

About John Di Lemme:  John Di Lemme is a prolific business success coach and motivational speaker, with numerous coaching products and events.

Image Credit:  Flickr user Brenda-Starr

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