Quote of the Day – Matisse on Creativity

Henri Matisse Self Portrait“Creativity takes courage. ”

― Henri Matisse

A very brief quote today, but a good one.  I believe that fear is one of the primary factors that holds back creativity in our lives today.  In our home lives, we want to conform to the way society does things, the way our extended family does things – even the way the cookbook does things.  We are afraid to stray off the path and follow our own ideas – any creativity is squashed before it has a chance to become an idea.

The same story applies in the workplace.  Every company has tasks that their employees perform because “that’s how it’s always been done”.  Nobody dares to question if there is a better way – or whether the task still needs to be done at all.

Is fear suppressing your creativity?  The key is to realize that such fear is rarely significant.  What is your fear?

If you change the recipe, it will be a disaster and nobody will eat it?
If you suggest a new way of accomplishing a task, your boss will say no?

Those certainly are not damaging outcomes – and what are the odds they will even come to pass?  Varying one ingredient is rarely disastrous, and any suggestion in the workplace is often seen as a welcome suggestion, whether it is approved or denied.

The next time creativity starts to sprout – hold back the tendency to squash it!  Confront your fears, and let your creativity break through!


About Henri Matisse:  Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954) was a French painter and author whose accomplishments secured him as a leading figure in modern art.

Image Credit:  ”Henri Matisse. Self-Portrait in a Striped T-shirt (1906).” via Wikipedia

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