Quote of the Day – Mastery is a Pain

Daisies“the path to mastery – becoming ever better at something you care about – is not lined with daisies and spanned by a rainbow”

- Daniel H. Pink, Drive

Back to Daniel Pink and his thoughts on Mastery!  In the previous quotes on mastery (Mastery is a Mindset, Realizing Mastery), I discussed Daniel H. Pink’s basic thoughts on mastery and how this relates to our everyday lives.  This was followed up by a quote on grit – how perseverance and passion play a large contributing role to our success.

This leads to discussion of Daniel H. Pink’s second Law of Mastery:  Mastery is a Pain.

For today’s quote, I wanted to take a moment to temper expectations.  Sometimes motivation is not about making us feel warm and fuzzy inside – but instead is about hardening us for the uphill fight, gritting our teeth, and running headlong into the fray.

So for today, remember that the path to mastery is not an easy one – but it is a path that is open to all of us!  All that is required is a proper mindset and grit!

Photo Credit: Daisies by David Wagner

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