Quote of the Day – Jack Welch on Destiny

Jack Welch“Control your own destiny or someone else will.”

- Jack Welch

One of the main tenets of ElusiveLife.net  is that we are all responsible (to a large extent) for our own destiny*.  We have been given one life to live, and are daily presented with scenarios that require our choice of decisions and actions.

The decisions we make and the actions we perform dictate the direction that our lives go.  Granted, unforeseen things may happen – our lives may not turn out as we had planned (and nothing is ever exactly as we planned).  However when unforeseen things do occur, we can control how we respond in those situations – and each response dictates the direction our lives take from that point forward..

Jack Welch’s quote echoes this idea, but he also ties in one additional conclusion – that if we are not actively controlling our destiny, then somebody else (or something else) is.

To accomplish our goals and achieve our dreams in life, we need to remember this quote and take control.

What will you do today to take control of your destiny?

* All sorts of theological and philosophical arguments can ensue from this topic – and that is not the intention here (maybe later, perhaps!).  The intention here is to assert what I think most of us can agree on – that our action (or inaction) influences the direction of our lives and that we all need to consider daily where we want our actions to lead.

Photo Credit: Hamilton83 [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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