Quote of the Day – Gladwell on Practice

Golf Ball“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”

- Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers:  The Story of Success

 Practice is one of those things that, from childhood, is usually something we are loathe to do.  Sure, we are more than willing to practice our hobbies – a sport, a video game, etc – but we often leave out the tasks that we should be practicing.

Think for a moment about your goals for the year or the dreams you have for your life.  Which of your abilities contribute to those ends?  Which of those abilities could you improve?  If you did improve them, would it put you one step closer to accomplishing your goals?  Consider practicing those abilities and make it part of your routine.  Set several small goals for improvement along the away and take them in bite-size portions.

Remember that it is often the regimented practice of “mundane” skills that mark the difference between a star athlete and the rest of the crowd.  The same applies in the rest of life as well.  Practice may be boring at times, but it is what makes us good!

About Malcolm Gladwell:   Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for The New Yorker magazine and the author of several best-selling books including Outliers:  The Story of Success, which discusses why the accomplishments of some people lie far beyond the ordinary.

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