Quote of the Day – Epictetus on Gratitude

Epictetus“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”

- Epictetus

Thanksgiving week 2012, Quotes about Gratitude:
Happy Black Friday, everyone!  As many of us, our family and our friends run off to chase down the best retail shopping deals of the year (at least in theory) we are continuing this week’s theme of Gratitude and Thanksgiving.  The quote above is by the stoic philosopher Epictetus who lived from the years AD 55 – AD 135.

Epictetus declares the wisdom of those who rejoice in what they have and do not grieve for what they lack.  Note that this is a two-part statement.  He doesn’t just say “do not grieve for the things you do not have”, although that alone is good advice.  He goes further to note that we should rejoice in the things that we DO have.  Rejoicing in what we have indicates a spirit of gratitude for life – being thankful for the things that we have and remembering how blessed we really are.

Living a life of gratitude leads to less stress, more happiness, and has a positive affect on those around us.  The end result will be a life of better memories and more true success than a life of ingratitude.

About Epictetus:  Epictetus was a slave-born stoic philosopher who lived from AD 55 – AD 135.  His philosophy was seen by him as a way of life, not just academic theory.  It should be noted that he lived much (or all) of his life as a cripple, walking with the aid of a crutch – making his admonishment to be thankful even more convicting to the rest of us!

Thanksgiving week 2012, Quotes about Gratitude:

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