Quote of the Day – Daniel H. Pink on Realizing Mastery

Golf as a sport of mastery“Mastery of [something]  is impossible to realize fully.”

- Daniel H. Pink, Drive

In yesterday’s quote, I began discussion Daniel H. Pink’s theories on motivation, and how mastery plays a role in intrinsic motivation – the motivation that develops inside us and drives us toward a goal.

Today’s quote continues that discussion with another point that we all need to keep in mind:  mastery of any one thing is impossible to realize fully.  What does this mean?  It means that complete and utter mastery (perfection) of a given ability is something we will never be finished with because there is always some aspect that can still be improved.

There are two things to takeaway from this idea:

  1. Never let yourself get frustrated by imperfection – mastery is an ongoing process!
  2. There is always some part of ourselves that we can improve!

As you learn a new skill, or as you try to achieve some new ability – keep Daniel H. Pink’s quote in mind; remember the two points I mentioned above.  On the path toward mastery there will always be something we can improve but we should not let our imperfections stop us.

“Mastery of something is impossible to realize fully, ” but do not let that stop you – let it drive you!


I should add here that this is the heart of the Third Law of Mastery, as detailed in Drive:  Mastery is an Asymptote.  The idea is that you can get close to it, but you never quite touch it.  Then why bother?  I will close with another quote from the book:  ”In the end, mastery attracts precisely because mastery eludes.”

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