Quote of the Day – Carrie Wilkerson on Fear

Rock Climbing“At some point, you have to be more afraid of not trying than you are of failing”

- Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive

Today’s quote is a fantastic one that needs very little commentary.  Big dreams are almost always accompanied by a risk a of failure, and it may be our fear of failure that is keeping us from taking the first step toward those dreams.

For most of us, though, our fear of not trying is easier to push back – easier to hide under a rug.  This is especially true if we have never told anyone what our hopes and dreams are.  If nobody knows, then we are only accountable to ourselves and there is very little fear in that!

Here is a fun experiment for you to try today:  Pick one of your goals or dreams and tell somebody else about it; tell somebody you trust.  Don’t keep it a secret.  Take the small step of becoming accountable to somebody other than yourself.  I think you will find that you have just increased your fear of not trying!

About Carrie Wilkerson:  Carrie Wilkerson is an entrepreneur, speaker and author whose book The Barefoot Executive (2011) is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to start their own business, work from home, or achieve their dreams.

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