Quote of the Day – C.S. Lewis on Failure

C.S. Lewis“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”

- C. S. Lewis

Today’s date (November 29) would have been the birthday of C.S. Lewis, so I thought one of his quotes was appropriate for the day.  His brief thought regarding failure is an easy one to remember, and certainly one that we should keep in mind whenever failure rears its ugly head.

If we let our failures frustrate us, forward progress stops and we come no closer to achieving our goals.  Instead we need to remember that even failures teach us what does not work;  failures are a failed option, freeing us to work on the possibilities that remain.

Overcoming failures as just “finger posts on the road to achievement” may be a difficult mindset to grasp  (especially at the time the failure occurs), but this should become easier with practice.  Overcoming failure in this way may be one of the key determinants of success.

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