Quote of the Day – Aristotle on Leadership

Aristotle on Leadership“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.”

- Aristotle

 What does good leadership require?

There are a number of traits that can improve our leadership capabilities – some are purely learned, others are gained only from experience.  I am a firm believer that being a good leader (in most situations) requires that we have “been there, done that”.  Today’s quote by Aristotle embodies a similar idea.

If we have been in the trenches, if we have done the work that we are now needing done, if we have been on the receiving end of both good and bad leadership in the past – then we can empathize with those we need to lead.  Our ability to empathize with others – our ability to know what they are thinking and feeling – is key to understanding and leading them onward.

Do you aspire to be a leader?  Then do not begrudge the “small” roles you must play on the way there.  Take note of your experiences and take note of (or look back and recall) how you respond to different types of leadership and management styles.  Use that experience to hone your own leadership abilities!

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