QotD – Families Are an Adventure

Child and Books - Family and Adventure!“Bringing up a family should be an adventure, not an anxious discipline in which everybody is constantly graded for performance.”

- Milton R. Saperstein

Quote of the Day.

After our discussion this week about how family should be a foundation of our lives, a compass that determines our direction, an institution that requires an attitude of servanthood, and a cause for principled living, it is important to remember one more thing as we head into this Christmas holiday weekend:  families are an adventure!

No family is perfect, and neither are we.  There will be stress encountered and work required to grow our family and bond it together – but we cannot loose site of the fact that both ups AND downs are part of the adventure of living life together.  Don’t get stuck on the negatives, don’t forget to have fun – don’t forget to celebrate the small victories that you have together!

About Milton R. Saperstein:  Saperstein is a fascinating character!  Why?  Because he is quoted all over the internet for the one, single quote above, but nowhere is there any information ABOUT him.  The best I could find was one out-of-print book called  Paradoxes of Everyday Life (published circa 1955), subtitled “A Psychoanalyst’s Interpretations of the Patterns of Conflict in Human Behavior”.  One spot on Amazon refers to it as a “thought-provoking book by a well-known psychoanalyst illuminates some curious aspects of human behavior and explodes some cherished notions about our moral standards.”  If somebody has a copy, let me know!  In the meantime, we’ll trust that it’s good.

Image Credit: Child And Books by George Hodan

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