QotD – Conquer Frustration

Conquer Frustration“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.”

- T.F. Hodge, Within I Rise

Quote of the Day.

We all experience setbacks, obstacles and frustration in our lives – these are especially noticeable when they are experienced on the way toward our goals.  When these events occur, the advice from T.F. Hodge is to remain focused on the goal;  don’t dwell on your frustration.  Keep reminding yourself what your goals are.  Keep asking yourself what actions you need to be performing now to get there.

If we remain focused on the goal we may fall short of our deadline – but we are still on the path.  All that remains is to keep driving forward and the goal will be attained.

If we let obstacles distract us, we stray off the path – then if we fail to achieve our goal, not only are we behind schedule but we need to backtrack and re-work to get there.

Keep in mind that we should not ignore obstacles that confront us.  We should acknowledge obstacles with an objective mindset, asking “what do I need to know about this obstacle to better achieve my goal?”  Take what you learn, reset your course appropriately, conquer frustration and keep pushing on!

Encounter, acknowledge and overcome!

About T.F. Hodge:  T.F. Hodge is the author of “Within I Rise”, a book about his life which his website describes as “a long and oftentimes tumultuous journey to greater becoming while growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles.”

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