2 Steps: First, Say – Then Do.

Two Critical Steps“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

- Epictetus

Quote of the Day.

Today’s quote is a simple one that leaves us with a reminder for the weekend.  His thoughts here embody two critical steps required to become the person we want to be:

  1. “Say to yourself what you would be” – define your goal
  2. “Do what you have to do” – take action to achieve your goal

A simple list, but many people try to shortcut the process by skipping one or the other.  A number of individuals choose to go through life doing neither!

If you skip the first step and do not specifically define who you want to be, you will lack direction.  If instead you skip the second step and fail to take action – then you will fail to become who you want to be.  Without action, dreams will only ever remain dreams!

By seriously following this process, many life choices become simpler.  Your choice of higher education, the career you pursue, the jobs you take, the spouse you choose – all of these major life choices are affected by your vision of who you want to become.  If you are already well into life, no matter!  It is never too late to define your goal.

If you never have before, set aside some time this weekend to consider what you want your life to be and who you wish to become.  Then define the actions you need to take to get there!

If you have defined who wish to be, revisit your progress and consider whether your current actions are getting you there!

About Epictetus:  Epictetus was a slave-born stoic philosopher who lived from AD 55 – AD 135.  His philosophy was seen by him as a way of life, not just academic theory.

Image Credit:  Remixed from works by Flickr user Leo Reynolds 

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