Do One Thing

One Thing that Scares You“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Quote of the Day.

We talked a lot this week about “Fear of Failure”.  Today’s quote by Eleanor Roosevelt is a piece of advice that is short, easy to remember, and something we should all take to heart.  ”Do one thing every day that scares you.”

How will this help?  If we do one thing every day that scares us – pushes us outside of our comfort zone – we will find that eventually our comfort zone has expanded;  things that used to scare us or make us uncomfortable can now be taken in stride.

This is similar to what author Tim Ferriss refers to as “fear setting” in his best-selling book The 4-Hour Workweek.  He similarly encourages doing at least 1 thing daily that pushes us outside of our comfort zone.  Why do Tim Ferriss and Eleanor Roosevelt both push us toward these activities?  As Ferriss says, “The most important actions are never comfortable.”  In other words, if you are never pushing your comfort zone, you probably aren’t pushing closer to success.

So what now?  Go out and do something that scares you!

About Eleanor Roosevelt:  The wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest serving First Lady of the United States with four terms.  She was outspoken and active in politics on her own and remained so until her death in 1962.

Image Credit:  Flickr user Martin Gommel

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