Beware a Lack of Problems!

Mile Marker of Progress“Beware when you have no problems. Then you’ve really got a problem!”

- Scott Alexander, Rhinoceros Success

Quote of the Day.

What if you never encounter problems?  Perhaps you live from day to day with no problems in sight.  Good for you!  You are a rare creature indeed… or perhaps not.

Sadly, “lack of problems” does not describe most of us.  The road to success is marked by obstacles, resistance and problems we must overcome – and just like mile markers on a highway, the faster we are moving the faster they will pop up.  In my previous article, 10 Tips to Develop Persistence, today’s quote applies to Tip #3:  Expect Problems!

Expecting problems is not just a tool to handle problems better, we should also expect problems as a gage of forward motion.  A lack of problems could be a sign that we have slowed down, strayed off course, or stopped moving altogether!

If you consider yourself to be one of the rare creatures mentioned above, take a moment to stop and evaluate where you are at in life.  What are your goals?  Are you on track and making progress towards them?

If not, then correct course, charge ahead and knock down the problems that arise!

About Scott Alexander:  Scott Robert Alexander is best known for his book Rhinoceros Success, first published in 1980 and having since sold over 3 million copies.  He is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and blogger - encouraging others to keep charging ahead in life!

Image Credit:  Flickr user Andrew J Ferguson

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