Goals Driven by Purpose

Girls-on-the-Swing“What is your purpose?  Your purpose has to hurt; it is the thing that keeps you awake at night.  Your purpose is what drives you.  Your purpose is what will get you through the hard times.”

- Steve and Jill Wicht, AdvoBowl XIII (paraphrase)

Quote Paraphrase of the Day.

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Advobowl XIII in Des Moines, IA.  It was an event that featured some incredibly inspirational people and  provided a nice “weekend away” for my wife and I.

Among the speeches that struck me was one containing the paraphrase above.  The point that the Wichts were trying to instill in the crowd was that goals are great – we all need goals; but without a PURPOSE to drive us, then there is no reason to achieve our goals.  Without knowing our purpose, we won’t be able to outmatch the adversity that strikes.

What is your purpose?  The answer to this question is unique to each of us, and therefore needs to be answered by each of us.  To find the answer, we can again look to hints given by the Wichts.

What do you care so deeply about that it hurts?  What keeps you up awake at night due to the excitement you feel?  What keeps you awake at night out of fear?

These are the things that will help you persist through rejection, defeat and doubt.

What drives you?  What is your purpose?


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