The Paleo Revolution – Visually Explained!

Paleo Revolution Infographic

The Paleo diet has experienced a “Revolution” over the past few years – exploding in popularity, as shown by its number of adherents as well as the number of mainstream resources available (diet books, cookbooks, studies, etc).  This recent infographic, courtesy of, explains the Paleo Revolution in a fun, visual format. Infographic courtesy of [...]

Sleep Tips Part 2 – A Regular Waking Schedule


In Part 1 of this series on sleep, I established a list of sleep tips that can help any of us sleep better.  In this post, we start with the first of those tips and explain how having a regular waking schedule can help you sleep better. Establish a regular waking time, regardless of your [...]

Sleep Tips for College Students (and Everyone Else) – Part 1

Man Asleep

Given the news lately about sleep deprivation among college students, I did some checking on sleep tips.  Did you know that almost every search result on the topic parades out the same list of ~10 tips?  They are pretty standard, but they are sparse in spots.  So I decided to start a series of posts [...]

Breaking News – College Students are Sleep Deprived!

Sleeping at work

In the news recently there have been a large number of articles relating to sleep deprivation in college students, and how that affects their academic performance.  The timing of this surge in articles coincides with the beginning of yet another fall semester across the country.  The articles reflect a newfound movement amongst educational institutions to [...]

Running vs Racing – Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The result of running vs racing

The Realization: I had a curious realization yesterday, while participating in my first 10k road race – it highlighted a fact I’ve always known but have not paid much attention to in recent years:  Running for exercise is vastly different from running in a race! The Difference – Pushing Yourself Beyond your Comfort Zone: All [...]