The Skinny on Blueberries

Blueberry Infographic

I love blueberries – but aside from their taste aspect, recent research has started to reveal a number of health aspects associated with their consumption.  Looking around the internet, you’ll find a number of blog posts and web articles that list these benefits.  In classic internet fashion, these same articles generally fail to cite their [...]

Plateaus Mean Progress!

Diet Plateaus are Stairsteps

The human body has a truly amazing ability to survive.  It can adapt to a variety of extreme environments and conditions that other creatures are unable to endure.  It can survive through extreme heat and extreme cold, rainy seasons and dry seasons, times of plenty and times of famine. With our body’s ability to adapt, [...]

Diet Smarter in 2013 – By Consensus

Diet by Consensus

If you are like one of nearly 45 million other Americans, you plan to go on a diet sometime this year.  Some statistics show that up to 50% of American women and 25% of American men consider themselves to be “on a diet” at any given time.  The struggle to loose weight is continual for [...]

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth!


Knowing full-well that we will all be indulging ourselves this weekend, I thought this infographic would be a fun one to post prior to the holiday! Image Credit:  Infographic courtesy of

Audiobooks During Exercise

Audiobooks during exercise

As a follow-up to our previous post about the benefits of Multiple Positives, here we will explore one specific combination: audio-learning during exercise. Opportunities for Multiple Positives I previously described how certain physical activities, such as household chores, provide a perfect opportunity for using audio-learning as a multiple positive – increasing the productivity of our [...]

Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Wrecking Your Diet!

Thanksgiving Meal

With the Thanksgiving season upon us (and retailers already pumping out Christmas advertisements with reckless glee), it is the time of year where even the most disciplined among us throw caution to the wind and start downing large plates of holiday food.  For most of us, this begins with Thanksgiving, continues through company Christmas parties, [...]

Green Smoothie Recipes – Directory

Lettuce for Green Smoothies

What you will find on this page is a directory of sites that contain green smoothie recipes and information.  The reason that I am primarily giving you a directory instead of giving you a long list of recipes is time – for those of you that have followed my previous posts about green smoothies, you [...]

Green Smoothies are Bad for You!


Well, that’s the rumor anyways.  In truth, I’m not at all convinced that green smoothies are bad for you. While researching the “cons” – the downside – of green smoothies, I came across several objections ranging from minor to alarmist.  Are green smoothies really bad for you?  My conclusion is no, but read on for [...]

What is a Green Smoothie?

Green Smoothie Ingredients

One of our culture’s current diet trends is the smoothie – seen primarily in the proliferation of fruit smoothie desserts.  Almost every fast food restaurant, diet plan and recipe website has options for fruit-filled wonders that come out of a blender.  Smoothie restaurants, smoothie recipes, pre-packaged frozen smoothies, smoothie websites – fruit smoothies are everywhere. [...]

Sleep Tips Part 3 – Establish a Regular Bedtime

Nightfall Panorama

Previously in this series on getting better sleep, I covered a list of sleep tips and the importance of establishing a regular waking schedule.  Today we are going to cover the next step toward improving your sleep: 2.   Establish a regular bedtime that works with your new waking schedule Now that we have a regular waking [...]