Video About Using Electronics Without Destroying Our Bodies

How to use Electronics all Day without Destroying your Body released a “Techcrunch TV” video post last week entitled “How to use electronics all day without destroying your body”.  This video (and accompanying blog post) briefly cover how we need to maintain proper posture while working and using electronics (tablets, smartphones, etc).  If we don’t maintain posture, we will end up hunched, strained, and weak due to the positions we put our bodies in.

The solution in a nutshell?  The advice starts by telling us to flex our glutes, which naturally rotates the pelvis into proper position.  Follow that up by tightening your abs to maintain some core tension.  Then hold your arms out to your sides and rotate them so your thumbs point backwards.  This movement naturally rotates your shoulders back, which is a shoulder position you can maintain when you rotate and move your arms back into working position.  Finally, our necks should remain neutral, looking straight ahead.

So do you need to maintain this core tension at 100% at all times?  No, the suggestion here is that 20% tension should be enough.  For many of us, I think this means that proper posture is something that we need to check with ourselves multiple times an hour to ensure we are maintaining some tension – until it becomes second nature to us.

It is, however, a posture that can be maintained while sitting, standing, texting, or talking on the phone.

So watch the video, then hop over to the techcrunch post and read more!

Source:  Techcrunch, ”How to use electronics all day without destroying your body”

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