10 Tips to Energize at Work

Energize at the Office
Inc. Magazine recently posted an article on their website with 10 tips to “Super Charge Your Energy at Work”.  For their full description, hop over to their article, but here are their tips in brief:

  1. Start Your Day With a Workout
  2. Take a 20-minute Power Nap
  3. Remove All Personal Grudges
  4. Take a 15-minute Humor Break
  5. Take a 15-minute Walk
  6. Read Something Fun During Lunch
  7. Resolve Any Conflicts With Your Boss or Colleagues
  8. Do Something Nice For a Colleague
  9. Call a Good Friend and Chat for 15 Minutes
  10. Make Sure Your Work Activity is Fulfilling

These 10 tips are a good collection of tidbits that you will find advocated elsewhere by experts in the fields of Engagement and Fulfillment.  It is a good list, utilizing cycles of focus and recovery, but I am quickly going to add 3 more:

  1. Get enough sleep at night – none of the tips above will solve a chronic lack of sleep!
  2. Focus on proper nutrition – a proper balance of nutrients, vitamins and supplements does wonders!
  3. Cut out the junk – sugar crashes and poor nutrients will hold you back regardless of sleep or diet

If you already use a few of these techniques, try adding a few new ones into your schedule as we start the new year – increased energy in the workplace will help start your year out on the right foot!

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