The Science of Productivity

Science of ProductivityProductivity is a huge topic in today’s business world – our personal productivity is one of the keys to career advancement during our lifetime, while increased productivity in the workplace can produce millions of dollars in additional revenue at large corporations.

The key to understanding the secrets of productivity is to understand the secrets of the mind.  If you can understand how your mind works – and how your employees’ minds work – you can work to make both yourself and your company more productive.

So what do we do?  Companies spend millions of dollars a year to try and increase productivity with equipment or training.  Meanwhile, you never see a manager reading up on the latest research in brain science or applied psychology!

Fortunately, the folks at have produced a video and (lengthy) blog post to explain the basics!

The information they cover includes the limits of willpower, the power of getting started, using work/rest intervals for periods of deliberate productivity, how to use deadlines effectively, the prevention of busy-work, and warnings about the myths of multi-tasking.

The article quotes some of the most recognized names in productivity including Tony Schwartz, Peretz Lavie and Anders Ericsson.

Watch the video, read the blog post, and you’ll be glad you did!

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