The Science of Persuasion


The Wall Street Journal recently posted its “Ten Point Plan” for boosting your career in 2013.  One of the items that they suggested was to learn – and practice – scientifically proven techniques of persuasion in your daily life. Whether you are a manager, marketer or salesperson, your ability to persuade others is key to [...]

The Science of Productivity

Science of Productivity

Productivity is a huge topic in today’s business world – our personal productivity is one of the keys to career advancement during our lifetime, while increased productivity in the workplace can produce millions of dollars in additional revenue at large corporations. The key to understanding the secrets of productivity is to understand the secrets of [...]

How to Get the Most Out of Conferences

Getting the Most of of Conferences

Attending business conferences, regardless of industry, is something that divides most people into two distinct camps:  those that dread conferences, and those that thrive on conferences.  You can argue whether this division is based on personality, introverts vs extroverts, etc. but regardless of whether you dread them or love them there are steps to take [...]