SMART Goals – A Primer


If you work in the corporate world, you have almost certainly heard “SMART” thrown around as a goal-related acronym for years.  Despite its prevalence in corporate circles, I have found that many students, small business employees and even entrepreneurs are not familiar with the term. SMART Goals:  Basics “SMART Goals” is a term first used [...]

Evernote Email – Better with Gmail!

Evernote Email via Gmail

Overview:  For those of you who use both Gmail and Evernote, here is a little tip combining some of their lesser-used features for an easy productivity boost: Use Gmail’s Filtering and Forwarding capabilities to create an Evernote Email address that is easy to remember! For seasoned veterans that already use both, the following instructions should [...]

10 Tips to Energize at Work

Energize at the Office

Inc. Magazine recently posted an article on their website with 10 tips to “Super Charge Your Energy at Work”.  For their full description, hop over to their article, but here are their tips in brief: Start Your Day With a Workout Take a 20-minute Power Nap Remove All Personal Grudges Take a 15-minute Humor Break [...]

The Science of Persuasion


The Wall Street Journal recently posted its “Ten Point Plan” for boosting your career in 2013.  One of the items that they suggested was to learn – and practice – scientifically proven techniques of persuasion in your daily life. Whether you are a manager, marketer or salesperson, your ability to persuade others is key to [...]

Music for Productivity

Music for Productivity

With the rise in digital music, we increasingly wrap ourselves in music through the course of each day.  First with MP3′s and iPods, now with smartphones and streaming music services – we put our headphones on and use the music to block out the world around us… whether at home, at the gym, or at [...]

Better Questions Create Better Conversations

FastCompany - Conversational Tool

Fast Company magazine recently posted an article on their website entitled “The One Conversational Tool That Will Make You Better At Absolutely Everything”.  The point of this article-with-the-horribly-long-headline is that asking better questions is often the difference between a lackluster conversation and a fantastic one. A quick glance of the content might make you think [...]

The Science of Productivity

Science of Productivity

Productivity is a huge topic in today’s business world – our personal productivity is one of the keys to career advancement during our lifetime, while increased productivity in the workplace can produce millions of dollars in additional revenue at large corporations. The key to understanding the secrets of productivity is to understand the secrets of [...]

Quote of the Day – Maxwell on Leadership

John C. Maxwell

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” – John C. Maxwell  First, be a Leader Today’s quote is a short reminder to anyone in a position of authority – if you want “buy in” for your vision, you first need people to buy into YOU.  In short, you need to be a [...]

Quote of the Day – JFK on Leadership

JFK on Leadership

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy Leaders are always learning. Yesterday’s quote highlighted the importance of experience as it relates to leadership.  Today’s quote continues by explaining that leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.  One important conclusion to draw from this statement is that a leader should [...]

Quote of the Day – Aristotle on Leadership

Aristotle on Leadership

“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.” – Aristotle  What does good leadership require? There are a number of traits that can improve our leadership capabilities – some are purely learned, others are gained only from experience.  I am a firm believer that being a good leader (in most situations) [...]