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What is Advocare?

Product Opportunity
Advocare is a provider of Health, Wellness and Performance supplements that set the standard for results and safety.   Their lines of products include solutions for weight loss, healthy living, better energy, and exercise performance.  Each product is specifically formulated and backed by the AdvoCare Sci/Med Board, a collection of doctors and medical professionals who have evaluate and back all AdvoCare products.

Income Opportunity
As a company, AdvoCare believes strongly that their success lies not only in providing premier products, but also in how they provide those products.  All AdvoCare products are sold through their nationwide network of distributors, which allows the company to provide financial opportunity as well as health and wellness benefits.  Selling through distributors provides something else you don’t find with many other products today – personalized attention from somebody that wants to see you succeed.

AdvoCare provides the possibility for extra income on a scale that fits your needs.  Whether you are looking for part-time income or  something more, the framework and support structure is there for you to build upon.

Our Advocare Story

Our AdvoCare story began with myself working full-time and my wife staying at home with our three young children.  I had slowly been taking my health and fitness more seriously over the previous 3 years, starting with some yo-yo weight loss and eventually resulting in steady but very slow improvements in physical abilities and body mass.  I had reached yet another frustrating plateau in that process and was looking for direction.  Life at my office day job meant a daily lack of afternoon energy, which culminated in exhaustion by evening – getting in the way of spending quality time with my wife and kids when I finally arrived home.

My wife was living a scenario common to many stay-at-home mothers, with too little sleep, scarce time to exercise, and an unhealthy diet due to the hectic daily schedules of our children.

My wife found AdvoCare through an old high school friend and started their 24-Day Challenge for weight loss and energy.  She became a firm believer in the products and suggested them to me.  I was skeptical, but after looking at their sports performance products I realized that my diet and supplement strategy, carefully pieced together with research and trial-and-error over the past 3 years, was built into these products.  That alone made me believe the products were on the right track.

To make a long story short, my wife and I have experienced fantastic results from AdvoCare products:  weight loss, better all-day energy, and progress in our athletic abilities.  Through their business opportunity, my wife is able to earn money while staying at home with our children, and I can assist on nights and weekends.

We are excited about where AdvoCare has taken us so far, and look forward to where it could go in the future!

Why include AdvoCare on

As I have indicated elsewhere, I believe that all of life is interconnected.  This means that all aspects of our life – fitness, diet, energy, business life, personal life, hobbies, financial success, and more –  affect and are affected by each other.  AdvoCare has proven to be an effective way of improving multiple aspects of my own life, as well as the lives of my family.  I am a strong believer in their products and their business opportunities, so I open that up to the readers of this blog as well.

If you have come here looking for ways to improve your health, your home life or your work life, AdvoCare can tie in with that.  Explore the information here and let me know what questions you might have!